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Jobs Available

Do you want to be a Zombie? Military Actor? Or other support staff?


The ONLY paintball hunt on Gila River Indian Community! Hunt live zombies with paintball guns from onboard our ZAV’s (Zombie Assault Vehicle’s) and two-tiered trailers!!!

The Hunt AZ Zombie Assault aims to be the most exciting new entry into the experiential entertainment industry in years. Our unique blend of zany fun, over the top excitement and high-octane hands-on activity will leave everyone wanting more of this WILD ride! Who could say no to zombies and paintball combined in a mashup only a mad scientist could conceive of!

Have you perfected the zombie foot drag? Can you produce a terrifying guttural growl known only to the undead? Do your eyes have that specific lifeless quality to them? If you answered yes to any of those questions, WE NEED YOU!!!  We’re looking to contractors to work as zombies and military personnel actors, customer service, and security.

The Hunt AZ Zombie Assault is seeking talented individuals to participate in a 15-day pop-up experience during the upcoming 2021 Season. Our pop-up location will be at KOLI Equestrian Center with primary hours being in the evenings. All applicants should be prepared to work nearly all of the scheduled days as this is a temporary pop-up event.

An ideal applicant is:

  • Energetic and eager to deliver a great performance
  • Always on-time and prepared for their day
  • Always shows up to perform as they agreed to
  • Willing to take direction and work with a team
  • Capable of standing/walking for all or most of their shift
  • Calm under pressure and able to cope with moments of stress
  • This is the perfect part time contract to make extra money just in time for Christmas
  • You’ll make new friends, do something fun, and be part of our legendary scream team.


  • ON TIME Transportation to and from KOLI Equestrian Center
  • Legally allowed to work in the United States and Arizona
  • Attend Scare Team orientation a few days prior to opening day
  • Must understand that you will be shot with paintballs in the Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery as zombie actors for an extended period of time.  Not all positions will be shot at so make sure to note which you want to do.
  • Great skills working with the public and interacting with people of all ages, interests, viewpoints, and backgrounds.
  • Ability to clearly communicate instructions, directions, and information to the public in person and by telephone.
  • Must wear full zombie paintball protective gear, helmet/mask and costume for the duration of each evening (for those Zombie Actors that will be part of our Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery).
  • Must wear high top boots (all staff) due to natural wildlife that may be present on the grounds
  • Everyone to work as a team and may be asked to do other parts of jobs during a night to get the job done each night
  • Temporary contract and generally 20 hours per week starting October through November
  • You will receive payment once a week on Friday by Direct Deposit (so you need an account to send the money to)
  • Can commit to a minimum of 80% (required for Bonus), which is 12 of the 15 event days (Halloween Weekend, Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st Required) – Bonus Opportunity as well for accomplishing this.  We can still use staff for Friday and Saturday’s if you are not able to work on Sunday’s.
  • Event performance dates

2021 Event October Dates – 8th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29TH, 30th, & 31st

2021 Event November Dates — 5th, 6th & 7th

The Hunt AZ Zombie Assault is a high intensity entertainment attraction that uses zombie actors and our ZAV’s to put guests behind their very own paintball guns so they can join the hunt! All potential Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery Actors will be outfitted in paintball specific PPE. The utmost care and caution are exercised when examining the safety and procedures for our attraction.  If you want to participate in the Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery you must wear protective equipment provided.  You may add your additional equipment however, at minimum, you must where what we have provided for your safety.


  • $12-14 an hour depending on position

Job Type:

  • Part-time / Temporary / Seasonal

Number of hires for these roles:

  • 30+ (Variety of Positions)

Type of positions:

  • Zombies Actors to be in our Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery
  • Zombie Actors for crowd direction and ambiance (not shot at)
  • Military Personnel Actors to work on trucks (drivers, truck & trailer attendants, and loading area crowd direction)
  • Restroom Attendants
  • Parking Area Entrance Attendant
  • General Grounds Custodial/Janitorial


  • 4-7 hours per evening
  • Starting times vary by night and actor needed (can be as early as 4pm, 5pm and 6pm until 9pm to midnight per event date)
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for 15 nights

COVID-19 considerations:

  • Touch surfaces are sanitized between rides on the ZAV, trailer rails and paintball guns.
  • Zombie Actors will rarely interact directly with guests, however those that do will be required to (with all other actors) practice social distancing.
  • Staff that do not have protective gear on must mask up.
  • Guests will be required to wear masks at all times.

Work Location:

  • 2021 location at KOLI Equestrian Center in Chandler, AZ


  • Click here to print Application
  • Please submit your application for review and we will contact you
  • Experience is great but not necessary.
  • You just need a great work ethic, will show up, and be a contributing team player!

Please Contact Us at [email protected] with completed application (print and return PDF). We will be in touch soon.


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