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About Us

Join us for a completely outdoor venture on Gila River Indian Community located at KOLI Equestrian Center, Chandler, AZ. Select your option for times and availability today. 

There has been a viral outbreak in 2019. A rare virus was spreading across the country. This virus has been reawakening dead people into undead ZOMBIES after their vaccine has worn off!

This reaction was unknown to the masses and needs to be stopped. We need you to help us conduct The Hunt of these infected zombies before they re-infect the population.  Send these zombies back to the grave!

We supply you with ammo (paint balls) and paint pall gun on our ZAV (Zombie Assault Vehicle), a military-style truck and double-decker trailer.

The Hunt is on!


PLEASE NOTE:  Our stance is our website, rack cards, social media posts, and ads support a similar fictional storyline that is common in all Zombie related books, movies, tv programs, etc.  One should read the actual words on this page and do not associate personal ideas against this event that are not true, or that, as the reader, related to any current world events past and present.  The purpose of the brief description is to get people excited about enjoying the paintball hunt of zombies.  AGAIN, this is NOT a true and factual situation but rather Science Fiction / Fantasy and is for Amusement / Entertainment purposes.  Zombies are not real.  We use mostly community members (GRIC) as actors and other support staff for this event.


We are located at KOLI Equestrian Center in Chandler, AZ.  It’s best to Google Map KOLI Equestrian to arrive at our location as just using the 6940 W Broken Ear Rd, Chandler address, on some navigation apps, will take you to where our mail is delivered and not our actual address.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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